Leadsun High Voltage Power Supply HVLP-EV- 1000A Electrostatic Air Purifier, Electrostatic Collector, Air Purifier

Leadsun HV Power Supply HVLP-EV-1000A Electrostatic Air Cleaner, Electrostatic Colector, Air PurificationProduct Description:Application occasions :  High voltage electric field, Electrotatic air cleaner ,Industrial dirty gas purification, air purifiers ,air ionizer,clean smoke,etc Operation steps:P

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Leadsun HV Power Supply HVLP-EV-1000A Electrostatic Air Cleaner, Electrostatic Colector, Air Purification

Product Description:

Application occasions :  High voltage electric field, Electrotatic air cleaner ,Industrial dirty gas purification, air purifiers ,air ionizer,clean smoke,etc

Leadsun Hv Power Supply HVLP-EV-1000A Electrostatic Air Cleaner, Electrostatic Colector, Air Purification


Operation steps:

  1. Please connect the load electric field before use.The red high voltage line is the high voltage negative output, the black high voltage line is the high voltage positive output. The honeycomb (tube type) electric field wiring: the red discharge tube in the middle of the tube, the black tube wall (case housing); The chip electric field connection: the red line is connected to the electric field housing, black Electric field positive plate (with serrated plates).
  2. Connect the 220V input power. After power-on, touch the "adjustment" button. At this time, the work indicator (green) is always on, adjust the voltage output potentiometer (white), and the output voltage is high in the clockwise direction. Counterclockwise, the output voltage is low.
  3. After the output voltage is adjusted, press the "Start" button, and the green light will flash (cycle 1 second), indicating that the power is switched to the normal working mode. At this point all protection functions are starting to work. When the power supply has an overcurrent, fire, short circuit, over temperature, etc., the power supply is protected.
  4. You can run according to the programmed parameters after the next boot. When the load has multiple ignitions, the power supply automatically cuts off the output. At the same time, the alarm indicator (red) starts to flash. If the reset restart function is selected, the power is automatically reset and restarted after 5 seconds.
  5. If the power supply needs to stop output during power operation, press the "Stop" button.
  6. When the working time has accumulated for 720 hours, the cleaning indicator starts to flash, and when the cleaning button is pressed, the indicator goes off. At the same time, the power cleaning timer is cleared.

Description of operating mode
There are "start", "stop" and "adjustment" buttons inside the power supply to switch between three working modes.
Operating mode: When the "Start" button is pressed, the power supply enters the working mode. In the working mode, the high-voltage power indicatorlashes periodically at intervals of 1S, which indicates that the high-voltage power supply starts to work. After the startup waits for 1.5S, the cooling fan starts to work, and the high voltage starts to output.
Stop mode: When the "program" button is pressed, the power enters the stop mode. In the stop mode, the high voltage power supply cuts off the high voltage output, the work indicator and the alarm indicator are off, and the cooling fan stops running.
Adjustment mode: When the "adjustment" button is pressed, the power supply enters the adjustment mode. The adjustment mode is specifically for the device to adjust the output voltage during installation to adapt to different electric fields. In order to cooperate with the installer's work, we have added this mode. Due to the adjustment mode, the ignition protection of the high-voltage power supply is turned off, (other protections are working normally). Adjust the potentiometer at this time, adjust the appropriate voltage, and then press the start button to make the power supply work.
Cleaning mode: When the power running time reaches 720 hours (one month), the yellow cleaning indicator will flash to remind the user to clean the electric field. After the user presses the cleaning button, the cleaning indicator will go out, the accumulated time will be cleared, and the cleaning indicator will not affect the normal work, only for notice.

Protection function

  1. Multi-level ignition protection function: The power supply has four functions of adjusting the voltage position of the output. When the power supply has continuous high-voltage ignition on the load, the output voltage will automatically decrease by one gear. If the ignition level is reduced or disappears, the power will automatically rises to the set value after 5 seconds working, but frequently fired during 5 seconds, the output voltage will be lowered again by one gear until three consecutive times, the power is still frequently fired, the power will turn off the output, and the red alarm light will flash. If the restart function is enabled, the power will restart again after 5 seconds.
  2. Short circuit protection function: When the load is short-circuited, the power supply will automatically lower to the lowest gear for output. If the short-circuit point disappears, the output voltage will automatically rise to the programmed value. However, if the power load terminal is still short-circuited, the power supply will cut off the output and the red alarm light will flash if The reset restart function is enabled, and the power is restarted again after 5 seconds.
  3. Overcurrent protection function: When the current is too large, the high voltage power supply automatically turns off the high voltage output.
  4. Over-temperature protection function: When the internal temperature of the power supply exceeds 75ºC, the power supply is turned off. When the temperature is lower than 75 °C, the power supply automatically returns to work.
  5. Dry electric field model:If the internal electric field is damp, the high-voltage power supply automatically detects that the electric field is damp, it will automatically reduce the voltage output, use high voltage to dry the water vapor inside the electric field, and then resume work. This function is the default mode.

1. Read the instructions carefully before installing the power supply, and the technicians with relevant electrical installation certificates should be invited to carry out the installation.
2. The power supply should be installed in a case that is more than 2.5 times larger than the power supply, the case should be able to ventilate and waterproof, avoid direct sunlight in the summer, if the ambient temperature is too high, consider installing a fan to dissipate heat.
3. The high voltage output should be connected to the load and sealed in a metal case with a solid ground wire that can be powered on, to avoid the risk of high pressure clicks. Pay attention to the identification of the power supply when connecting the high voltage line: Red line (high voltage negative electrode), black line (high voltage positive electrode). The grounding end of the electric field should be firmly connected to the ground together with the case, grounding resistance is not more than 2Ω.
4.The high voltage output line of the high voltage power supply needs to be isolated from the 220V input line and other control lines, can not be tied together for wiring. High voltage trace and other traces require tight control of spacing(Spacing >=15cm), and the high voltage output positive and negative lines also need a distance of at least 10cm, avoid discharge breakdown between the positive and negative high voltage lines.
5. The input of the power supply should be installed with fuse, air switch, then connect to the 220VAC power supply.
6. Purifier under the action of high voltage electrostatic field, when the pollutant adsorbed by the electrode reaches a certain amount, manual or automated mechanical cleaning of the purifier is required. If not clean in time, a large amount of pollutants adsorbed cause sparking or corona on the electrode. This corona phenomenon will reduce the efficiency of the purifier device, flashover sparks are also prone to fire when flammable substances are present, and this flashover arc will also pollute the grid. If you found ignition protection light on during the use of high voltage power supply, please pay attention to checking and cleaning the electrode in time.
7. The high-voltage line needs to use a wall-through porcelain tube or an insulating tube in the place where the case is perforated. Don't pass the high voltage wire directly through the opening of the case, otherwise it is easy for the high-voltage wire to pull or even burn the high-voltage wire at the perforation. The main control board of this power supply has 220V high voltage, Do not touch bare metal parts of the board during adjustment, in order to avoid electric shock.

Leadsun Hv Power Supply HVLP-EV-1000A Electrostatic Air Cleaner, Electrostatic Colector, Air Purification

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