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2022-05-28 08:30:25 By : Mr. Joe Jiang

By Matt DeVoe - May 20, 2022 08:54 pm EDT

It's been a relatively quiet week in comics now that the dust has begun to settle from MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS (don't worry, our lips are sealed). Fans and speculators have turned their attention to what some think may be coming in the future, with new adaptations like Paper Girls grabbing a spot along with a massive, multiversal, potentially MCU-charged book in Secret Wars. Boom! Studios strike again, and an odd #1 takes the top spot in this week's Top Ten!

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#10: SPAWN #9 | IMAGE | 1993 | This week was a relatively quiet week in the aftermarket world of comics, leaving room for some of the more steady sellers and collector investment books collectors to pop back up into the Top 10. Persistent rumors of ANGELA being introduced into the MCU via GUARDIANS continue to drive Angela's first appearance. Shortly after her creation, the character fell into a long heated legal battle between Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman over who owned the overall rights to the character. This became a heated debate with no official contract and went to court, leaving Gaiman the winner of a substantial settlement with McFarlane giving Gaiman ownership of Angela. A year later, Gaiman sold the character to Marvel, making her a sister of THOR. However, her MCU rumor is the key factor pushing her first appearance in this issue to track at a raw FMV of $16, with a high sale of $192 for a CGC 9.8.

#9: SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 | MARVEL | 1992 | This is another big collector book that found its way back to the list. Since his first appearance in an end credit scene of SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, Miguel O'Hara's nostalgic first solo-series issue has been steadily increasing in value. These sales will likely continue well up to (and after) the movie's release, especially as rumors of a live-action depiction of the character, also featuring Oscar Isaac, continue to stick around. This week we tracked a high sale of $38.25 for an NM raw copy!

#8: BATMAN BEYOND: THE WHITE KNIGHT #1 | DC | 2022 | This book is persistent, as it reappears on the list after a relatively quiet week in comic books. The cameo of Red Hood's new Robin continues its hot trend with raw copies at an FMV of $14, and a high sale of $200 for a CGC 9.8.

#7: PAPER GIRLS #1 | IMAGE | 2015 | The buzz for Paper Girls picked up significantly after a first look at the Amazon Prime TV adaptation debuted last week. This Brian K. Vaughn story follows four girls involved in some serious time travel business the morning after Halloween 1988, leaving fans with some Stranger Things vibes. This first issue suffered a significant dip in value after its initial option news in 2019. However, fans are once again grabbing this book up before the show drops, hoping Prime continues the track record of solid adaptations like Invincible. We tracked raw copies at an FMV of $28, with a high sale of $150 for a CGC 9.8.  

#6: NEW AVENGERS #7 | MARVEL | 2005 | The MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS has teased the debut of many new characters and new team appearances. Once the Illuminati were confirmed, fans flocked to pick up the first appearance of the legendary marvel group. Since the film is still fresh, we'll keep our lips zipped over our concerns about the Illuminati's longevity until next week. For now, we tracked raw copies at an FMV of $46, with a high sale of $324 for a CGC 9.8.

#5: THOR #1 | MARVEL | 2014 | The first cover appearance of Jane Foster as Thor lands in the exact same spot as last week. With THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER up next, fans hope it will be entertaining, maybe even electrifying. This week we tracked raw copies at an FMV of $102, with a high sale of $307.65 for a CGC 9.8.

#4: GRIM #1 – JAE LEE & JUNE CHUNG | BOOM! STUDIOS | 2022 | Grim is the latest from Boom! Studios, written by Stephanie Phillips, to receive massive hype. The series follows Jessica Harrow, a dead Reaper recruit who doesn't know how that came to pass and is searching for the Grim Reaper. With the success of Boom!'s recent titles over the past several years, fans were in a hurry to pick up their favorite cover for this book. Jae Lee and June Chung absolutely crushed this one. We tracked recent raw copies at a high sale of $20 for a raw copy. 

#3: GRIM #1 – DAVE JOHNSON – VIRGIN (1 PER STORE) | BOOM! STUDIOS | 2022 | As we mentioned, Grim #1 had a ton of variants from numerous high-profile artists within the industry. This one per store variant from Dave Johnson left collectors and speculators eager to be first in line to pick up some of the limited supply when visiting their LCS. Skull cover collectors will want this once they lock eyes with the giant skull gracing the cover, which explains us tracking this variant at a high sale of $45 for a raw copy. 

#2: SECRET WARS #1 | MARVEL | 2015 | Outside of what's to come in the next few years, where does the MCU head next in terms of the multiverse (in a broad sense)? After the events of MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS, many are looking toward this Secret Wars series as the endgame to, well, Endgame. This story from Johnathan Hickman, where universes collide and ultimately collapse the multiverse, is an epic book with nearly every Marvel hero of note making an appearance. Speculation feels that this is where the MCU is headed long-term. The surreal cover A art from Alex Ross makes this the cherry on top, and many felt the need to pick up this former under-the-radar book out of nearly 50 variants. We tracked raw copies at an FMV of $7, with a high sale of $200 for a CGC 9.8.  

#1: FANTASTIC FOUR #245 – NEWSSTAND | MARVEL | 1982 | We told you we had an odd #1 in-store. This book features the first appearance of the adult Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, aka Avatar. With god-like reality-warping abilities, he is one of the most powerful entities in all of Marvel comics, whom Collectors have turned their eyes to after a brief mention of the existence of the Richards children in the new DOCTOR STRANGE film. Once believed to be a Mutant, in this issue, it's revealed that his subconscious altered his anatomy into looking like it had an X gene. Why collectors choose this over Franklin's first appearance as a baby or child has us scratching our heads. Still, if there's a character in the MCU to collapse the multiverse, it's Franklin Richards, and a full-powered adult version will be required to do so. We tracked raw copies at an FMV of $14, with a high sale of $140 for a CGC 9.4.  

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