The CMAXX Dust Collector from Imperial Systems, Inc recently proven to withstand a deflagration up to 185 KST and pressure exceeding 4 PSI

2022-03-24 11:20:04 By : Ms. Abby Lin

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JACKSON CENTER, Pa. , Nov. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Imperial Systems, Inc has tested the CMAXX Dust Collector with IDA DeltaMAXX Filters and found that in all tests, the filters could isolate a deflagration and stop a flame front.  Without any trace of flame or spark transmission downstream of the IDA filters or in the clean air plenum, the CMAXX is officially certified to be IDA compliant.

Using a CMAXX without explosion venting, the unit's body was tested to withstand a deflagration of corn starch at 185 KST with pressures exceeding 4 PSI.  The entire explosion diverted through the IDA DeltaMAXX Filters, which showed no sign of deformation.  The internal cages of the filters remained in perfect shape and the seals did not deform or melt whatsoever. 

"Putting the CMAXX through the third party explosion testing has been one of the most exciting things we have done here at Imperial Systems," says Jeremiah Wann , President and CEO.  "No one knows the CMAXX better than myself, but when you expose it to such extreme conditions such as combustible dust testing, you find weaknesses and strengths that you had no idea existed. We have compiled that data from the tests and made improvements to the CMAXX that now makes it the best built, toughest dust collector in the industry. We are more confident than ever before that our CMAXX can withstand the toughest applications and that we are protecting your workers and work facility."

All testing, proving that the CMAXX can be used as a flame front deflagration arrester when used in conjunction with IDA DeltaMAXX Filters, is backed by third party testing.  All reports and test results are available by request.

Located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the small town of Jackson Center , Imperial Systems is among the top dust collection equipment manufacturing businesses in North America . Our values are built on designing and installing custom industrial dust collection systems with the strongest, most durable, fabrication to meet our customer's needs.

We design innovative but practical and useful dust collection solutions for just about every industry, including, but not limited to: recycling, seed, grain, carpentry, welding, CNC plasma/laser cutting, thermal spray, grinding, mining, aggregate, sand blasting, aluminum, powder coating, biofuels, food processing, pet food, fiberglass, agricultural, chemical processing, paper scrap, fiberglass and many more.

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